The Next UI: Frame.js is a function sequencer and library loader for large Javascript applications

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Frame.js is a function sequencer, job manager and library loader for frontend Javascript applications.

Despite the benefits of non-blocking asynchronous code execution in Javascript, endless chains of callback functions make for unreadable code and difficult to control applications.

While many function sequencers exist, such as asyncSeq, and flow.js, Frame.js is focused on application-level synchronous function management, includes a library loader to mix-and-match between remote scripts, local scripts, and functions, and provides a basic set of debugging and unit testing tools.

Frame is like require.js, but designed for the frontend, with debugging tools, and it clocks in at just under 11k (compared to require.js’s minified 25k).

"looks cool, nice job :)" -Kyle Simpson, Author of LABjs

"lookin’ good! Async control flow is a beast." -Alex Sexton, Modernizr contributor, Author of YepNope

"It looks pretty neat :) Asynchronous control flow is never easy to get right, but this certainly seems like it would help!" - Addy Osmani, jQuery contributor,

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