just more code as literature

var options equals
return return
function equals
return arguments
return function
for each
each return
if is with
params argument
each with if
curry arguments
curry return
map each with
yield with
replace let
upsert with
curry return
bang semi colon
back end bent

Top Ten Fashion Designers of 2014

1. Alexander McQueen (despite being dead)
2. John Galliano (despite being a racist)
3. Jean Paul Gaultier
4. Issey Miyake
5. Yohji Yamamoto
6. Yiqing Yin
7. Christian Dior
8. Haider Ackerman
9. Rick Owens
10. Helmut Lang

Movie Recommendations 1930-1941


Hells Angels - historical

The Vagabond King - philosophical 

Madam Satan - ground breaking


Frankenstein - historical

Dracula - amusing

City Lights - amazing, possibly chaplin’s best film

M - strange, out of its time


Shanghai Express - not a great film, but i think you will like it

Ivan - philosophical, soviet




Cleopatra - not bad, well kinda bad

It Happened One Night - pretty bad, but this is what was popular then

The Man Who Knew Too Much - early hitchcock, good

Of Human Bondage - have not seen, but betty davis’ better work

The Black Cat - bela lugosi and boris karloff, fun


Ana Karenia - have not seen, greta garbo’s better work

The Raven -  bela lugosi and boris karloff


Reefer Madness - that is all


Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs - animated

The Prince and the Popper - not bad, errol flynn

Heidi - Shirley temple


The Adventures of Robin Hood - errol flynn at his best

You can’t take it with you - capra’s last good film, the end of old hollywood

Alexander Nevsky - cinema begins

1939 - cinema explodes

Gone with the wind

Mr Smith Goes to Washington

Of Mice and Men

The Wizard of Oz

there were so many good movies this year that many get over looked. These movies would have been best of many of the previous year had they come then:

Goodbye, Mr. Chips


Wuthering Heights





The Great Dictator - chaplin’s last film


The Maltese Falcon - bogart, classic, beautiful, perfect

Here are some photos from the my show this last weekend. Albert and Rob did most of of the visual design, and I only pushed one button, so I shouldn’t take too much credit. The photos turned out nice though! Congratulations to all involved, great show yall.

Sangre Del Sol at Voice & Exit Festival

Visual artists Albert Deloach, Rob Hybrid and Bishop Zareh

Lighting by Wes Lane (Light Faktor)

Costumes by Jennifer Ayers

Boy Bleed Ink

Written for the Challenger Newspaper, June, 2014

Boy bleed ink

before that love roll jam gone down,

and hey lay back that mad cap,

to the still slow and steady droll

of last notes and tumblin tones.


And instantly- feel the beat.

And hey high over there,

but still discrete on that monster beat

and pull pull pull pull pull pull pull-

and off to the sound and only the sound

and no more anymore but the sound

and out and all around

with no mistake in the anxious wake

of the glorious note

to be down with the sound.


On the front row, on the top bill

of the house below the street,

the gentle march of tiny feet,

and the city stops to an endless beat,

and the crowd rolls down from the pillar town

and on to the city street,

and the buses slip and feel the drips

that just wont fit into the room,

but drift on through to the feelin mean

to drop the act and come clean

of breakin beat with the city sound and city street-

all concept to the step-

all abstract to the fact.


But with the humble jumble of a four man band

aint no way to hate the plain simple and just plain late

to the tumblin note of a cold blue light

on this wonderful bandstand night.


Here is a screen shot from the actual paper:

Here is a video I helped to make back in 2009. It premiered at the Egyptian Theater in LA for the RESfest screening at SIGGRAPH.

American Analog Set - Come Home Baby Julie, Come Home (by Design After Next)

Frame 2.0 Launches!


Nov 5th, 2013 - Version 2.0

- Complete ground up re-write.
- Greatly simplified syntax.
- Added the ability to have mutiple Frame ques.
- Added multi-threaded Frame execution, running on top of Javascripts single-threaded processer.
- Added “tail-call optimization” to prevent increased call stacks sizes.
- Replaced LAB.js with Require.js and made Frame fully AMD-compliant
- Removed all console masking including Frame.log() and Frame.title() for increased compatibility and better separation of concerns.
- Added the ability to load CSS and TEXT files inline. (if they the plugins are loaded in require.js)
- Added ability to run any set of functions in parallel as well as series.
- Prevented callback functions from being called twice.
- Removed frame delay functionality.
- Frame is no longer “stand-alone”, it requires require.js, typecast.js and underscore.js.

bishopz javascript js html5

A sleep() function in Javascript

There are lots of articles online saying that this isn’t possible. This example uses setInterval to create a function that pauses program execution with creating endless callbacks and without hanging up the brownser.

If you write a sleep function like this

var sleep = function(period, decision, callback){
    var interval = setInterval(function(){
		if (decision()) {
			interval = clearInterval(interval);
	}, period);

and you have a asynchronous function to call multiple times

var xhr = function(url, callback){
	// make ajax request
	// call callback when request fulfills

And you setup your project like this:

var ready = false;

function xhr1(){
	xhr(url1, function(){ ready = true;});	
function xhr2(){
	xhr(url2, function(){ ready = true; });	
function xhr3(){
	xhr(url3, function(){ ready = true; });	

Then you can do this:

sleep(100, function(){ return done; }, xhr2);
sleep(100, function(){ return done; }, xhr3);
sleep(100, function(){ return done; }, function(){
	// do more

Instead of endless callback indentation like this:

xhr(url1, function(){
	xhr2(url2, function(){
		xhr3(url3, function(){
			// do more

bishopz javascript js html5